School Programs – Ocean Day
  • Starting September 2017
  • Group programs for students in Grades 6 & 7. Programs include spending time on the water and at the beach connecting with the ocean.
  • Students learn to stand-up paddle, participate in an ocean clean-up, and learn about ocean plastics and how they impact marine life.
  • Students identify how they can reduce plastic use and leave inspired to take action.

Core Curriculum Links:
Our program will get students thinking about the world around them and discovering out of the box links between nature and humans. Students will experience and interpret the local environment through the help of our highly qualified workshop leaders. Our workshop leaders will help students to spot patterns and relationships in the ocean ecosystem, which may then be applied to their thought process back in the classroom.

Program details:
  • 5 hour program
  • Workshop portion of day takes place in tents on beach
  • Waterproof drysuits and wetsuit boots provided for all participants
  • Cost $30 per student
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School Programs – Ocean Day
  • Starting Summer 2018
  • 6 day camps for youth aged 11-16 in Tofino, BC.
  • Participants spend time each day learning to surf, stand-up paddle, and playing in the waves and on the beach.
  • Presentations and experiential workshops with experts in ocean plastics and marine conservation.
  • Participants are inspired to take action to become ocean
Registration opens January 2018