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Grade 2 Field-trip Program: Gumboots

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Water and our Relationship with the Environment

In this 4 hour workshop, students explore the ecology of the shoreline and take part in a hands-on educational workshop on the beach. The Gumboots workshop links to the new BC Curriculum focus on flexible learning environments and developing a sense of place. Our materials correlate to the BC Curriculum “Big Ideas” in Science, Social Studies and Career Education – and to the core competencies.

Instructor/Student Ratios:
Our instructor to student ratio is 1:8 for our Gumboots workshop.
Parent volunteers are not required for our programs.

Length: 4 hours
Cost: $950/day
Maximum 30 students

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Students, equipped with knee-high gumboots and rain coats provided by Ocean Ambassadors, explore tidepools and the shoreline. Students find, touch and learn about the life cycles and adaptations of the plants and animals they find.


Student explore the cultural significance of water for our local First Nations. Students learn about First Nations’ rich history of living in harmony with the environment.


Students participate in a hands-on water column activity that has them predict where animals feed in the column and explore what plastics are, how they break down and how they are affecting all animals in the ocean.


Students explore their personal and community values regarding the environment through a small group activity that has them imagine themselves as adults who are tackling marine pollution and then consider how they can make a difference as grade 2 students.


We know that students are developing the skills necessary to learn more about each other and work together effectively. Activities throughout the on-water and workshop sessions will get your students excited about teamwork.
What people are saying about the Gumboots program:

“Our students have become ambassadors and are leading workshops for the younger kids at our school. The kids loved the paddle boarding! We had eight classes go through the program and each class had a very different and amazing experience. The Ocean Ambassadors crew were positive, engaging and made the kids feel very important. The kids wanted to learn – they knew that this was important.”

Alison Dixon and Rachel Grudman
Kerrisdale Elementary