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Grades 1 to 3 Field-trip Program: Gumboots

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Water and our Relationship with the Environment

In this 4 hour workshop students will explore the ecology of the beach, enjoy shared discussions around an indigenous-linked story during a story circle and workshops, play games and will take part in a curriculum specific, grade-focused activity. The Gumboots workshop links to the BC Curriculum focus on flexible learning environments and developing a sense of place. Our materials correlate to the BC Curriculum “Big Ideas” in Science and Social Studies, and to the core competencies including: social responsibility, personal awareness and responsibility, critical and creative thinking and communication.

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Instructor/Student Ratios:
Our instructor to student ratio is 1:10 for our Gumboots workshop.

Parent volunteers are not required for our programs.

Length: 4 hours
Cost: $26 per student
Maximum 30 students

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