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Grades 6 and 7 Field-Trip Program – Ocean Leadership Retreat


Our goal is to provide students in grades 6 and 7 in the Lower Mainland with an inspiring educational experience that culminates in our on-the-beach Leadership Camp program.

Ocean Ambassadors Canada is delivering an exciting new camp! Designed for young, aspiring leaders, this immersive experience will empower students to unleash their full potential.

This 4 hour program places a strong emphasis on nurturing leadership skills, guiding participants to understand the core qualities that make an exceptional leader. Through interactive workshops, they will delve into the art of setting boundaries, fostering self-awareness, and cultivating resilience. Students will also explore their social drivers, enabling them to recognize and appreciate the unique qualities that drive both personal and team success. As Ocean Ambassadors, we aim to instill a sense of environmental responsibility, nurturing young leaders to care for our planet.

Students will also have the opportunity to spend half of the day learning to stand-up paddleboard with certified instructors, with the land workshop portion taking place in tents on the beach. 

Instructor/Student Ratios:
Our instructor student ratio is 1:6 for our Ocean Camp program.
Parent volunteers are not required for our programs.

Length: 4 hours
Cost: $40 per student
Maximum 30 students

*Additional information:
Your group will be met at the beach by our TideRider van, a mobile learning center equipped with wetsuits, SUP boards, and other gear. All students need to bring is a lunch, some basic clothing and beach items (we provide a list), and a willingness to participate!

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