Our Programs

Victoria School Field Trips

Ocean Ambassadors Canada is a not-for-profit company that is turning the tide of marine pollution by getting students to the ocean, educating them about the threat of plastics and the importance of ocean health, and empowering them to make real change. We provide students in the Victoria and the Lower Mainland with inspiring educational experiences in our on-the-beach programs. Our programs are receiving rave reviews from teachers and students.

Grade 8:
Ocean Health Inquiry

Grade 8 students investigate marine animals, seaweed, biodiversity, how the ocean has changed since it was originally cared for by the First Peoples, and how humans negatively impact the health of our ocean.

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Grade 2 Field-trip Program:
Gumboots – Water and our Relationship with the Environment

In this 4 hour workshop, students explore the ecology of the shoreline and take part in a hands-on educational workshop on the beach.

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Enjoying the Ocean

Participants with drysuits and stand-up
paddle-boards will paddle with certified instructors and experience the ocean — kelp, seals, jellyfish and all. Grade 2 students with gumboots will explore the shoreline.

Learning the Issues

Via classroom activities and an interactive, on-the-beach workshop, participants will learn about plastic pollution, ocean life and human health.

Inspiring Change

Participants are challenged to rethink our use of plastics and empowered to make changes in their own lives—from avoiding throwaway plastics to organizing beach clean-ups and zero-waste initiatives

Recent samples taken off the B.C. coast contained up to 25,000 plastic particles in just one cubic metre of seawater.