Join us as Zero Waste goes Live on “The Drive”!

Businesses: Want to attract new customers, be a sustainable business leader, and reduce waste in your community? – Then keep reading!


Ocean Ambassadors’ zero-waste team has partnered with ShareWares, an impact-driven business, to bring a city-wide reusable container-sharing system to Commercial Drive to reduce unnecessary single-use packaging.

Our goal is to make Commercial Drive a zero-waste neighborhood, which aligns with the City’s Zero Waste by 2040 plan. Customers are increasingly wanting to see their favorite businesses implement sustainable practices in their operations and at the same time, government legislation is making it more favorable to do so. The shift towards reusable packaging is inevitable; so join now, get ahead of the game, and be a business leader on “The Drive”!


  • Save takeout packaging costs
  • Attract new customers and become more competitive
  • Brand your business as a sustainability trailblazer
  • Reduce the waste in your community
  • Be waived from the 2023 cup-reporting requirement
  • Earn money - the first 5 businesses to sign on will get a promotion deal that will lead to at least $140 for your business
  • And make a positive impact on the planet!

Over the next few months, look out for Ocean Ambassadors Canada and ShareWares as we visit Commercial Drive to get businesses on board. We even plan to host a community-wide launch party to celebrate the businesses that are taking the lead; talk about good publicity!

JOIN NOW by contacting OAC’s Zero Waste Manager at


  • Order reusable containers (small wash fee + refundable deposit)
    • Container sizes include:
      • 12 oz, 16 oz, 28 oz, 38 oz, and 56 oz rectangular container and lid set
      • 16 oz hot/cold cup and lid set
  • All necessary setup materials and signage provided by ShareWares
  • When customers borrow a ShareWares container, your initial deposit is recouped
    • Customers can return reusable containers to any ShareWares collection bin
  • Collection bins are collected weekly
  • We supply you with clean reusable containers again!
  • No contracts or commitments

For any inquiries or interest in getting started, please contact OAC’s Zero Waste Manager at

Individuals: Want to learn how you can be a part of moving your community towards zero waste? - Then go to this page to learn more.

What is ShareWares?


ShareWares is a Vancouver-based borrowing platform that supplies, sanitizes, and tracks reusable cups and takeout containers for Vancouver businesses. By building out a citywide network of accessible systems to borrow and return reusables, ShareWares makes it easy for businesses and customers alike to join the zero-waste movement. As a leader in pioneering the reuse revolution in Vancouver, ShareWares has the potential to make reuse the default option and is committed to sharing knowledge with other global communities to solve the world's excessive single-use waste problem and change the world for the better.

Learn more about our partner, ShareWares, and how their platform works for individuals.