Join us as Zero Waste goes Live on “The Drive”!


Did you know Metro Vancouverites throw away 441 million single-use cups and containers each year?! This number has surely been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic...

Therefore, we envision a different kind of future by 2040. One where your home, neighbourhood, and city have been transformed into a circular economy where dramatically less waste is polluting our oceans or shipped off to the landfill.

You’re enjoying a better quality of life, using products that are well-designed to be reused again and again, and feeling good about helping your community and our beautiful planet.

To accelerate this transition, Ocean Ambassadors’ zero-waste team has partnered with ShareWares, an impact-driven business, to bring a city-wide reusable container-sharing system to Commercial Drive to reduce unnecessary single-use packaging.

Our goal is to make Commercial Drive a zero-waste neighborhood, which aligns with the City’s Zero Waste 2040 plan. We need YOUR help to spread awareness about this initiative to your favourite restaurants and cafes and let them know that this is something you would love to see them take on.


  • Order your favourite food or beverage in a ShareWares reusable container for a small, fully-refundable deposit

  • Enjoy your food! Next, scan the QR code on any reusable to find a convenient return option and start your return process

  • Once we confirm the arrival of your reusable, you can request for your deposit back and it will be refunded to you via an e-transfer!

With your help, we can accelerate this transition to zero-waste and make it a reality!


  • Talk to your favourite restaurants/cafes about trying ShareWares (does not necessarily have to be on Commercial Drive!)

  • Try ShareWares at a partner location and share your experience with us

  • Follow @oceanambassadorscanada and @share.wares on Instagram and engage with our content!

Have questions about the borrowing process, are interested in ShareWares, or know a business owner that might be? Contact OAC’s Zero Waste Manager at

Are you a business owner? Read here to learn about how your business can take part.

What is ShareWares?


ShareWares is a Vancouver-based borrowing platform that supplies, sanitizes, and tracks reusable cups and takeout containers for Vancouver businesses. By building out a citywide network of accessible systems to borrow and return reusables, ShareWares makes it easy for businesses and customers alike to join the zero-waste movement. As a leader in pioneering the reuse revolution in Vancouver, ShareWares has the potential to make reuse the default option and is committed to sharing knowledge with other global communities to solve the world's excessive single-use waste problem and change the world for the better.

Learn more about our partner, ShareWares, and how their platform works for individuals.