About Us

Alison Wood

Alison spent much of her childhood on the water. If she wasn’t on the beach, she was in a row boat or a sailboat. During her years competing in sailing and triathlons, Alison cultivated a love for the ocean and a sense of responsibility to protect this critical asset. As a native Vancouverite, Alison feels fortunate to have explored so much of BC’s coast. Her most recent passion is stand-up paddling which has taken her to the world championships in Fiji.

A lifelong educator, Alison studied economics at UBC and earned a Provincial Instructor Diploma in adult education. After spending several years as a BC Ambulance paramedic, Alison used her skills to develop and teach continuing education courses for paramedics. Alison also developed curriculum and courses for Sail Canada and created and implemented ski instructor programs for Mt. Seymour.

The inspiration to launch an ocean conservation initiative came to Alison while stand-up paddling in Deep Cove. The incredible beauty of the ocean was contrasted by pieces of plastic floating in the water. Alison recognized the need to inspire people to protect our oceans and that this inspiration could be cultivated by connecting people with the ocean.

Jenn Wesanko

Jennifer has always felt deeply connected to nature. As an advisor to Canada’s Environment minister she understood from a national and global perspective the serious impacts of human activity.

Experience that policies are more successful when you can link it to personal experience – thus the idea of wet feet. If we can get people past their conceptual ideas of the ocean and actually create a relationship, they will have skin in the game and be more apt to care about it’s health.

The inspiration to launch an ocean conservation initiative came from a profound love and reverence for the ocean, all ocean life and deep gratitude for the services it offers human life.

Jennifer lives in Vancouver with half her heart in Tofino where she is learning to surf like a girl.

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