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Our mission is to start Canadians on a journey of reconnecting with nature, caring for the ocean and learning ways they can help to restore and protect it. Our professional staff team share their knowledge and love for our ocean with participants who are inspired to take action at home, at school, and in their communities – to become leaders, Ocean Ambassadors.   

Donors and volunteers are essential to the success of Ocean Ambassadors.  Our donors and volunteers are an incredible group of people who help us to inspire thousands of children and youth in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

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We appreciate every dollar you give. With your help, we can offer more bursaries and free-of-charge programs to children whose families struggle to afford a nature and oceans education.

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Where would we be without our sponsors? Program sponsorship is the perfect way to contribute to saving our oceans and contributing to Ocean Ambassadors Canada while increasing your organization’s profile as a strong community supporter. 


By volunteering with Ocean Ambassadors, you’ll be helping us reach more young people through the love of nature and our oceans. Our volunteers support our programs, development and fundraising.

Our Sponsors

It takes a community to raise a child. Thanks to the the generous support of  government organizations, corporations, foundations, individuals, and other community members is crucial to enriching the lives of children who would otherwise not receive the proven benefits of marine education.