Straw Free Deep Cove

Ocean Ambassadors worked with Deep Cove Merchants to facilitate all businesses in Deep Cove going straw free in May 2018. Over several months, business owners met with the Ocean Ambassadors team to learn about the crisis of single-use plastics and discuss the business case for using paper straws and the marketing opportunities around the initiative. Ocean Ambassadors worked with each business to discuss strategies for educating staff and customers, to share information about paper straw suppliers and to discuss how the initiative could be used to increase sales. Ocean Ambassadors hosted a launch event, The Last Straw Deep Cove, at Deep Cove Yacht Club. The  The event sold-out and was very successful. 110  Deep Cove community members attended the event and applauded the merchants for becoming the first business community in Greater Vancouver to go plastic straw-free.  The event included a silent-auction to raise funds to support Deep Cove restaurant owners’ switch to paper straws.